Commencement Of Business

1st Generation Commencement of business set the foundation by Mr. Muhammad Ashraf The company started the in-door sports wears business as a local manufacturer in 1986 & capture brilliant participation in the sialkot market with the quality commitment.


Textile Manufacturings

Begining towards growth Relian started developing outdoor and indoor sports wears with textile manufacturings & accessories .


Exports, Expension, Growth and larger infrastructure

In 2005 Mr. Muhammad Ashraf start exporting their stuffs to North America, Estren Europe & Gulf states, their Professional Marketing Management started introducing Quality, Management of production deliveries to their esteemed clients, They merge the nature of the business & diverse the specility producing of Martial arts & boxing gears.


Space For Productions

Relian raise his funds and construct the eco friendly & energy efficient space for productions, They bought the latest Jack & Juki machineries to make sure every stitch quality commitments.


Initiative Of Manufacturing Boxing Foam

To Keep moving & to meet the fast growing of the Martial and Boxing industries, Relian take initiative of manufacturing boxing Foam in-house production & finally today more then 200 workers we are looking forward to elevating this family to a level where we are even more pound & spritied to sustain our position.