SAF Foundation

SAF Foundation

SAF is a foundation maintained by RelianSports, a platform for not only boosting and shaping the world way better but also addressing other's face smiles.

Covid Relief

Pandemic unemployment created a new phase in society to qualify for primary necessities. We never make them feel alone and energized them with full salaries.


To strive out of widespread, we held a program of free-of-cost vaccination and facilitate the legitimate SOP's material within the working environment of Relian Sports.

No Child Labor

Violation of child labor is prohibited in our organization and the main logic behind this is to procure the grown-ups promote toward education instead of laborers.

Charity Programs

People across society often have a tough walk in life because of fewer resources. We state humble words and engrave the charity programs within the society.

Clean Drinking Water

Relian Sports main purpose is to offer social strength and crave for their well-being. For cleaning the drinking water, we have settled water filter plants in public places.

Green Energy

Pollution is the modern lifetime problem, destroying the consummate environment. We have inaugurated the trees plant campaign to overcome impact on society.